Liberty Tree Tactical

First is the infamous “This is my safety” patch drawn from the popular movie Black Hawk Down. This measures 4.5” triangularly and has velcro hook backing.  sold out


Second patch available is a Sons of Liberty Patch.  SOL PATCHES ARE AVAILABLE. EMAIL TO ORDER

This patch has velcro hook backing and measures 1.5”x 2.75”

The Sons of Liberty were essentially the "Underground" of the beginning of the American Revolution in the Boston area whose influence quickly spread to most other Colonies. They cunningly worked to undermine British rule of the destined to be free Colonies in America.

The flag itself, also known as the Rebellious Stripes Flag is said to of represented the "Loyal 9" who were the spear head in the effort to resist the Stamp Act and sway public opinion in opposition to British Tyranny. This underground guerrilla faction later morphed into the larger Sons of Liberty organization. The most well known exploits of the Sons of Liberty was culminated in the Boston Tea Party and the serious of "tea parties" that took place up and down the Colonies in 1773/1774 in resistance to British mercantilism and taxation. 

With the Gadsden Flag being co-opted by many who do not understand the true meaning, this flag will differentiate you from the pack. It is truly a forgotten symbol of defiance and resistance. 


Armed Abolitionist and Carpe Libertas patches. Approximately 3”x4”. 

To order please email us @ These are 6.50$ shipped, CONUS.